Green Star Juicer GS 3000
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The GS3000 model comes with a fine screen, glass pitcher, homogenizing blank, a cleaning brush, a plastic plunger, a coarse screen, a wooden plunger, a hand strainer, a drip tray, a rice cake maker set and a pasta maker set.

Green Star Juicer GS3000

• A patented twin gear technology that extracts considerably more minerals from the produce that is juiced
• A 1/4 hp motor and speed reduction gear providing more torque on the auger that will increase the pressing power
• Slow 110 rpm to minimize heat build-up during the juicing processing retaining the life of the enzymes
• 1 fine screen
• A "pulse" reverse gear to dislodge blocked residue promoting better operating from the juicer
• 1 plastic plunger
• Weighs only 24 pounds (11 kilograms) making it easier to handle, move and clean


6.5 [w] x 12 [h] x 18.5 [d] in
Built-in carry handle
Built-in cord storage
110 rpm turning speed
190 watts
60 hertz/120 volts
5 years limited warranty

The 5 year warranty offered on the Green Star is valid in Canada. Should you need service during the warranty period you will be able to obtain it from the Canadian importer. The warranty on units purchased from the U.S. is not valid in Canada and the unit would need to be returned to the U.S. for service. Another good reason to buy from an Authorized Canadian Green Star distributor.

GS3000 includes these accessories: 1-drip tray, 2-plastic plunger, 3-cleaning brush, 4-feeding chute cover, 5-rice cake guide, 6-rice cake blank, 7-fine screen, 8-homogenizing blank, 9-coarse screen, 10-pasta screen, 11-pasta guide, 12-pasta screw, 13-wooden plunger, 14-glass pitcher.

  • Item #: GS-3000

Green Star Juicer GS 3000

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