Light Therapy

Today, we are living in a light-deprived world and are paying for it with our health. We’re in the office or store by eight, on the run all day – mostly inside – then back at home – inside again – glued to the tube or the monitor. Some call this “progress” – and to be sure, in many ways it is. But the problem is we’ve progressed faster than we’ve evolved – so it is no wonder that so many of us are suffering the effects of this new ‘indoor’ existence. We evolved to spend most of our waking hours outside, in the bright sunshine – but today our lifestyles are causing us to fight what Mother Nature intended for us by living in the dark.The good news is that researchers in light therapy have made great strides in recent years in understanding the impact of light on our health and wellness, and there is an increasing awareness among the general population about the importance of getting enough of the right kind of light: bright light.The reality, however, is that we are not likely able to change our lifestyle significantly to go outside and get the light we need on a daily basis. So bringing the light we need to us in the form of light therapy is the next best solution.

The Litebook® is the new generation of light therapy, the result of years of research and development in hand-held light therapy devices. When used daily The Litebook will help to improve your mood, increase your energy level and restore your sleep patterns. Results are noticed by most people within 30 days - often sooner.