Tribest Choisons Original Series, CW106SE 6" Serrated Knife
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Choisons® are distinctively sharp, refreshingly lightweight, and tenaciously wear-resistant knives.

Choisons Original Series 6” Serrated Knife lets you slice soft-skinned tomato or bread with a brittle, flaky crust with minimal mess and even less effort.Slice crusty breads into neat slices without scattering crumbs all over your counter and cut soft-skinned fruits without squashing your food into a shapeless pulpy mess.

Choisons Original Series Ceramic Knives are made from zirconium oxide, an advanced material developed from the 2nd hardest naturally occurring element on earth.Using this ultra-hard material allows Choisons Knives to be sharper and lighter than stainless steel knives – making repetitive cutting tasks easy on the wrists and arms. Choisons knives also retain their edge up to 10X longer than steel knives, so more time is spent cutting, and less time is spent sharpening.Unlike steel knives, Choisons won’t react with your food, preserving the natural flavor and appearance of your favorite ingredients.

  • Item #: CW106SE

Tribest Choisons Original Series, CW106SE 6" Serrated Knife

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